Seeking Sacred Space

Fine Arts, Social Sciences

The changing nature of sacred spaces: While for the present time congregation-based religion is contracting, the desire for sacred or devoted space continues.  Students can use this article and photo spread to consider the Reformation’s themes on incarnational theology and a biblical anthropology of space and location as well as our incorrigibly human inclination toward the transcendent […]

Two Updates on Church Worker Legal Cases

All New Briefs

The Courts and Religious Employees:  these two cases from lower courts are part of the judicial practice around Hosanna-Tabor being worked out currently in the legal system. Defamation Suit Against Minister Not Necessarily Barred By Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine Teacher’s Defamation Verdict Against Archdiocese Upheld

The Ethics Curriculum in Nazi Germany

Lectures on Inhumanity: Teaching Medical Ethics in German Medical Schools Under Nazism — Students should learn that comparisons and analogies to Nazi Germany are often tenuous.  Nevertheless this study from the Annals of Internal Medicine offers an informed examination of ethics gone awry in one of the most advanced cultures in history: “Course catalogs and […]

The College Students Who Joined ISIS

All Current Features

How Two Mississippi College Students Fell in Love and Decided to Join a Terrorist Group: Says Bobby Ross at GetReligion about this indepth account, “Readers learn how a young Christian woman raised in a church where her mother teaches Sunday school converted to Islam and quickly became radicalized, and how a young Muslim man who […]

Is Genesis History? A Review and Critique

Natural Sciences

“Is Genesis History?” Revisiting an Age-Old Debate: This article reviews and critiques the film “Is Genesis History?” and the presentation of its perspective on the science/religion issues.  The writer addresses how the film makes its case which he argues will increase rather than decrease confusion, particularly for college students.

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