Christian Colleges Expand Offerings in the Visual Arts

Fine Arts

From Word to image: Christian colleges expand visual art programs — Over the past decade, more than 85 Christian colleges and universities have added new degree programs in the arts, according to data from college associations. At least 10 have introduced new degrees specifically in visual arts since 2012. Some have also hired new visual arts […]

Tennessee Law Subordinates School Athletics Schedule to Religious Holy Days

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New Tennessee Law Requires Religious Holy Day Accommodation For School Athletics: This law gives students’ religious observances priority over athletic schedules.  The new law provides: “A local education agency, local school board, school, educator, or employee or the employee’s representative may not require a student to attend a school athletic event, or event related to participation […]

Law and Religion Symposium

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Symposium: Law and Religion in an Increasingly Polarized America — Nine articles here discuss a range of topics  including Hosanna-Tabor, religious accommodation in a democracy, religious sovereignty claims in a diverse society, and the restroom debates. The several points of view will inform the reader about points of agreement and disagreement.

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