Complicit as Sin

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Complicit as Sin  —  This article considers current freedom-of-religion cases as an extended effort to legitimize discrimination and stereotypes and also harm human dignity.   The writer cites legal arguments and court cases as evidence that religious conscience exemptions do tangible and significant harm and that harms from religious freedom claims in the health care context […]

End-of-Life Ethics

End-of-Life Ethics  —  What does it mean to die well in this culture?  This question is being asked with greater urgency and frequency as contemporary societies become more scientifically and medically sophisticated.  The church as a source of both pastoral care and moral vision has untapped resources to share.

Meet the Women Apologists

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Meet the Women Apologists  —  This Month’s (April 2015) cover story in Christianity Today looks at how apologetics has long been a bastion of men—until now.  This edition examines the work of Holly Ordway, Amy Orr-Ewing, and “a burgeoning group of women who are reshaping apologetics in the West.”

Support for the Death Penalty by Religious Affiliation

Social Sciences

Support for the Death Penalty by Religious Affiliation  —  There are significant religious divides on the death penalty issue. White evangelical and mainline Protestants have the strongest support for the death penalty, while Hispanic and black Protestants express the least support.  White Catholics, like the general public, are almost evenly divided in their views while […]

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