Einstein’s Universe Turns 100

Natural Sciences

Einstein’s Universe Turns 100  —  One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein presented the complete formulation of the General Theory of Relativity to the Prussian Academy of Sciences.  Perhaps the greatest lesson from Einstein and his theories of relativity is that reality is not what it seems. What we perceive as real is a distortion, a […]

Christ, Culture, and Thinking About Secularism

Christ, Culture, and Thinking About Secularism  —  Near Eastern Studies Professor Michael Brown looks back at the prescient essay on an advancing secularism written by Lutheran theologian Wolfgang Pannenberg twenty years ago:  “In a secular milieu, even an elementary knowledge of Christianity, its history, teachings, sacred texts, and formative figures dwindles. It is no longer […]

Anabaptists Work on Unity Over Same-Sex Differences

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Anabaptists Work on Unity Over Same-Sex Differences  —  In the first nine months of 2014, 10 churches left the Mennonite Church USA. Meanwhile, Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) voted to delay a formal position on its policy against same-sex relationships, effectively allowing faculty to indefinitely violate the current policy. Meanwhile, the larger denomination is seeking ways […]

Te Q Conference: the Christian Debate on Sexuality

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The Q Conference: the Christian Debate on Sexuality  —  The Q Conference did not mirror the debates common on cable news networks, but they may more closely resemble the national conversation in many homes, workplaces, and churches about topics ranging from the connection between spirituality and sexuality to Americans’ attitudes on religious freedom laws, and […]

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