Newsfeed of Fear: An Editorial on New Editing

Social Sciences

Newsfeed of Fear: An Editorial on News Editing  —  The news media’s addiction to spectacular violence might not be so insidious if it were accompanied by the kind of empathy and compassion that serve to reduce violence in the real world. Editors may feel caught in a system that has to balance public interest with […]

Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten of 2014

All Current Features, General

Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten of 2014  —  CT’s list of the broad variety of institutional and salvage excavations taking place in the lands of the Bible including the tomb of Stephen, the temple at Tel Burna, the “stone rejected by the builders,” and more at Herod’s temple.  Students benefit by understanding an historically informed faith.

Public Accommodation and Private Litigation

All Current Features

Public Accommodation and Private Discrimination  —   The author seeks to clarify existing distinctions in religious freedom and civil rights laws and court actions.  The reader will need to consider how the author and participants in these issues parse this effort and the distinctions.  However than may be, the article may be useful.

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