Coercing Christian Medical Care

Canada, Complicity, and Coercing Christian Medical Care:  A federal panel has recommended that the Government of Canada “establish a process that respects a health care practitioner’s freedom of conscience while at the same time respecting the needs of a patient who seeks medical assistance in dying. At a minimum, the objecting practitioner must provide an effective […]

Volf and Brooks on The Life Worth Living

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A Conversation on Character, Flourishing & the Good Life:  Though previously this question came pre-answered by culture, by religion, and by tradition, these days we each have to ask and answer for ourselves: What is the good life? What does it mean to life a flourishing life? This hour-long video from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture […]

Why Christians Help and Don’t Help Refugees

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Churches Twice as Likely to Fear Refugees Than to Help Them: Churches and their pastors are often separated by faith and fear. Most Protestant pastors say Christians should lend a hand to refugees and foreigners, and believe caring for refugees is a privilege. But pastors say their churches are twice as likely to fear refugees as they are […]

Russell Moore on the Ballot Box

Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils? Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, asks what happens in a race where Christians are faced with two morally problematic choices. Should voters cast a ballot for the lesser of two evils? “When Christians face two clearly immoral options, we […]

The Problem of Evil, cont.

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The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational Account of Providence (IVP, 2015): This review of a new book from Thomas Oord, professor at Northwest Nazarene University, considers Oord’s thesis “that evil exists, quite simply, because ‘God cannot unilaterally prevent genuine evil.’ Theologians have long recognized that God can’t do all sorts of things—like create […]

Hosanna-Tabor, cont.

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Title IX Religious Exemption Does Not Bar Retaliation Claim Against Catholic High School: A Maryland federal district court refused to dismiss a former high school librarian’s Title IX retaliation claim against the Catholic high school from which she was fired. Librarian Annette Goodman reported to the school’s administration evidence that another faculty member was having a […]

EEOC Tests Theory: Title VII Bans Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

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Federal Agency Sues Companies: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed two lawsuits, arguing that sexual orientation discrimination is barred by the sex discrimination ban in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The move is the latest in the EEOC’s aggressive efforts in recent years to seek protections for LGBT workers under existing civil rights […]

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