Contingency, Convergence, and Grand Narratives

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Headed toward Christ: This essay, quite readable for students, addresses narrative views about progress, randomness, history, and nature.  It also serves as an example of drawing together convergent themes to examine a complementary approach to science and religion with Christ as the end or telos of nature and history.  Much to agree and disagree with along […]

The Good Death: Dying in America

‘The Good Death,’ hard to find, and religion’s role may be to blame: So writes Ann Neumann in The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America (Beacon Press, 2016). “The Good Death” is a call for people to examine their own wishes around end-of-life issues and decide what role religion — either theirs or that of […]

Redeeming the Youth Sports Culture?

Athletics & Health

Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports: This first person essay by a sports parent reviews the book Overplayed: A Parent’s Guide to Sanity in the World of Youth Sports by King and Starbuck (Herald Press, 2016): “It’s not too late to redeem youth sports culture, though, and while difficult, parents can begin to make different […]

A Study Bible on Justice

Why Justice Divides Us: The Bible’s “justice”—God’s justice—means something quite different from what we usually think.  In ordinary conversation justice stands opposed to mercy. It is not a word filled with grace, but with law. If you do good, justice will reward you. If you do evil, justice will bring you the punishment you deserve. Many […]

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