Art + Religion in the 21st Century

Fine Arts

Can religious art be taken seriously again? Many of the currents in 20th-century culture made it hard to imagine the phrase “contemporary religious high art.” Says author Aaron Rosen, “Religion and modern art continue to be typecast as mortal enemies.” But the very context in which he makes this statement suggests that a truce may be in the […]

Five Options Regarding the Public Square

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Should you retreat from the public square? More and more people are opting out of civic engagement. It’s a big mistake, says political science professor James Schall.  His essay offers several options for students to consider, including what he calls the Aristotle option: “Aristotle is most helpful for us today in his description of what happens […]

The App for E-Tithing

The Church Collection Plate Goes Digital: Using the app takes fewer than five taps, and its built-in geolocation enables contributions at any of the 1,000 churches that subscribe—a feature that’s especially useful around holidays like Easter, when many people travel. also lets worshipers set up automatic recurring payments.

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