Redeeming the Youth Sports Culture?

Athletics & Health

Why We Really Put Our Kids in Sports: This first person essay by a sports parent reviews the book Overplayed: A Parent’s Guide to Sanity in the World of Youth Sports by King and Starbuck (Herald Press, 2016): “It’s not too late to redeem youth sports culture, though, and while difficult, parents can begin to make different […]

A Study Bible on Justice

Why Justice Divides Us: The Bible’s “justice”—God’s justice—means something quite different from what we usually think.  In ordinary conversation justice stands opposed to mercy. It is not a word filled with grace, but with law. If you do good, justice will reward you. If you do evil, justice will bring you the punishment you deserve. Many […]

NCAA Rejects LGBT Ban on Christian Colleges

NCAA Tells LGBT Activists It Won’t Divest from Christian Colleges Seeking Title IX Exemptions: The National Collegiate Athletic Association will not divest from Christian colleges seeking waivers from Title IX standards, telling a group of LGBT organizations that it cannot. Earlier this month, about 80 organizations led by the LGBT activist group Campus Pride sent a letter […]

You Will Be Made to Care

All Current Features

Book Talk of Possible Interest:  The ADF legal Christian advocacy group is featuring this new title in a book talk with the author: You Will Be Made to Care by Erick Erickson (Regnery, 2016).  Faculty and students can consider and weigh the author’s views and points: “Religious liberty is under attack in America. Your freedom […]

Christians in the Military

Continue to Ponder Christian Soldiers: Here is the index to seven articles in the Christianity Today series which tries to set out the diversity and complexity of voices represented by our military personnel and their communities, which includes civilians.  The aim is to begin conversations about the Christian soldiers in Scripture, worship, and theology, as well as the […]

Christian Campuses and LGBT Politics

All Current Features

The LGBT Politics of Christian Colleges: This article can serve as an artifact or indicator of how some writers in the popular press are characterizing Christian colleges and the LGBT culture shifts. Students can consider the sources cited, the sequence of the views, and the way the lead and the conclusion frame the discussion.

Art + Religion in the 21st Century

Fine Arts

Can religious art be taken seriously again? Many of the currents in 20th-century culture made it hard to imagine the phrase “contemporary religious high art.” Says author Aaron Rosen, “Religion and modern art continue to be typecast as mortal enemies.” But the very context in which he makes this statement suggests that a truce may be in the […]

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