A Freedom of Religion / Freedom of Worship Case

Citizenship test change admits freedom of religion, not just worship: “The First Amendment protects the rights of freedom of expression, speech, assembly, and religion, as well as the right to petition the government. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an office under the DHS, changed ‘religion’ to ‘worship’ eight years ago to be more ‘inclusive’ […]

Does the Supreme Court Listen to Theologians?

Did Catholic theologians influence the Zubik order? Lyle Denniston, long-time reporter and commentator on the Supreme Court, offers this analysis of the problem of complicity in sin.  Is the fire wall proposed between religious conscience and compelling government interest in health care “thick enough to meet the religious protest, and is the government going to be […]

Developing Reasoned Liberal Legal Arguments for Religion

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Against Martyrdom: A Liberal Argument for Accommodation of Religion: (Note: one pdf download allowed from the link.) Religious accommodation is going through a period of heated contestation in multiple arenas: in the courts, in the academy, and in public and political debate.  Liberals have adopted a position that is much more critical of religious accommodation as such. To slow or […]

Conscience, Rights, and Identity

Freedom of Conscience and New LGBT Rights in International Human Rights Law: This position essay argues, “Only when human rights are grounded in transcendent, fixed authority can they stand the test of time and shifts in power. If LGBT policies are elevated above freedom of conscience, it will be to the detriment of all human rights. […]

Is God Dead? Fifty Years Later

Is God Dead? A TIME Cover Turns 50: In April 1966, fifty years ago, Time magazine published its famously controversial cover story, “Is God Dead?”  This analysis article covers the background of that story, the issues that prompted it, and where may be fifty years later.  Could serve as an intro to Nietzsche, the spiritual-but-not-religious […]

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