On Coddling and Challenging Students

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When Learning Hurts: Some thoughts on safe and not-so-safe from a prof at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. “Educators often know the issues for which students need some additional preparation. In my classes, I often know some of the specific issues that students are dealing with, having early on assigned papers that ask them to describe and […]

A Very Brief Intro to Dorothy Sayers

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Where Her Whimsy Took Me: I had reduced the texts I encountered—books, poetry, films—to great mountains of useless shale, through which ran a few veins of useful ore, raw materials for my current project. My task: to excavate the ore and purify it into argument. Literature became useful. Utilitarian. Impoverished. Then I was arrested by Sayers.

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Grand Canyon Univ, cont.

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Largest For-Profit Christian College to Open Seminary This Fall: GCU has announced that it will open an independent, non-denominational, for-profit theological seminary this fall.  It will also remain publicly traded after the HLC denied its plan for a parallel profit/non-profit corporation.

SOGI, Regulation, and Civil Recourse

Meet the unelected bodies chipping away at religious freedom: SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) commissions and regulators continue to receive attention, pro and con.  This World Mag article can be used as an intro for students.  (See also Liberty and SOGI Laws: An Impossible and Unsustainable Compromise.”)  A cursory search engine scan does’t immediately produce […]

Madison on Religious Liberty

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A Madisonian Vision of Religious Liberty: (Note–one free download) This essay summarizes Madison’s understanding of religious liberty, with specific reference to religious toleration, natural rights of conscience, religious exemptions in law, and establishments of religion. The essay draws attention to points of agreement and disagreement between Madison and John Locke.

Military Court Rules on RFRA Bible Verse Case

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Armed Forces Court of Appeals Interprets RFRA In Military Context: Two appeals judges ruled, “Appellant has failed to identify the sincerely held religious belief that made placing the signs important to her exercise of religion or how the removal of the signs substantially burdened her exercise of religion in some other way.”  The dissenting judge argues, […]

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