The Altruism and Religion Debate, cont.

Social Sciences

Does Religion Matter In Determining Altruism?  For some years, a dispute has continued about the role and necessity of religion to the virtue of altruism.  This brief commentary continues that discussion, reluctantly allowing that religion does predispose people to altruistic (2nd great commandment) behavior.  The links and an additional search will add more resources to […]

On Secular Governance: Lutheran Perspectives on Contemporary Legal Issues

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On Secular Governance: This volume edited by Ron Duty and Marie Failinger (Eerdmans, 2016) offers a distinct Lutheran take on the intersection of law and religion in our society today with a range of subjects from women’s issues to property law and the environment, immigration reform, human trafficking, church-state questions, and more.  See a review by Lawrence Novak […]

God’s Word for Today’s Culture

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What Role Should the Bible Have in Society?  This 38 min video panel discussion includes Alister McGrath, Tim Keller, Brian McClaren, and Dempsy Rasoles-Acosta. They consider how best to convey the Scriptures to our times and how the Bible is or isn’t authoritative in our lives today–questions that congregations and Christian colleges must also consider.

Walgreens Challenged on Religious Health Clinics

Athletics & Health

Walgreens faces pressure over religious contractors: SSM Health, a Catholic healthcare system based in St. Louis, will open 27 new express health clinics inside Walgreens stores in Missouri and Illinois. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), MergerWatch, and National Health Law Program authored joint letters to Walgreens and SSM to flag the health provider’s religious tenets. SSM adheres to the Ethical […]

Trinity Lutheran v. Pauley: Symposium

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Special Feature: Symposium before the oral arguments in Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley: Scotus Blog has hosted a symposium of 7 essays on the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on this case of whether the state of Missouri must provide playground surfacing for a church preschool.  From the Intro essay: “The two sides (and […]

Ministerial Exception, cont.

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Ministerial Exception Doctrine Bars ADA Claim By Adventist Music Teacher: In Curl v. Beltsville Adventist School, (D MD, Aug. 15, 2016), a Maryland federal district court held that the ministerial exception doctrine applies to prevent a music teacher at a Seventh Day Adventist school from pursuing federal claims under the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in […]

The Church’s Boxing Gym in Baltimore

Athletics & Health

The Boxer: This 7 min. video clip from PBS takes viewers to the Cross4Christ Gym at Created for So Much More Worship Center in where Mike Mosley is head coach.  Students can consider the ministry of “this church that is drawing young people to its ministry with a boxing gym that teaches discipline, respect, and a sense of […]

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