Two Chapters on Civic Accommodation and Religion

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When Do Religious Accommodations Burden Others? Available here are two chapters from the forthcoming book, The Conscience Wars: Rethinking the Balance Between Religion, Idenity, and Equality (S. Mancini and M Rosenfeld, eds. (Cambridge University Press, 2017).  The two chapters examine situations where the interference with religious freedom is so significant, and the countervailing burden on […]

Ministerial Exception and Court Review

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Ministerial Exception Claim Requires Case-Specific Factual Analysis:  In Collette v. Archdiocese of Chicago, (ND IL, July 29, 2016), an Illinois federal district court refused to dismiss an employment discrimination suit brought by plaintiff who for 17 years was employed as the Director of Worship and Director of Music at Holy Family Parish in Inverness, Illinois.  He was […]

Religion in Public Schools, cont.

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An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school: This WaPo guest piece from Katherine Stewart (The Good News Club: the Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, 2012) presents a view on the current state of religion and equal access to public schools. The Satanic Temple intends to introduce its After […]

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