The Church’s Boxing Gym in Baltimore

Athletics & Health

The Boxer: This 7 min. video clip from PBS takes viewers to the Cross4Christ Gym at Created for So Much More Worship Center in where Mike Mosley is head coach.  Students can consider the ministry of “this church that is drawing young people to its ministry with a boxing gym that teaches discipline, respect, and a sense of […]

Pastors Ignore the Forecast

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After This, the Deluge: Alan Sears, CEO for Alliance Defending Freedom, offers this perspective on the preaching office, the sermon, and public issues in the pulpit.  Students in the congregation and college can consider the office and role of the preached word, whether education should be located in the pulpit or the class, and what […]

On Coddling and Challenging Students

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When Learning Hurts: Some thoughts on safe and not-so-safe from a prof at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. “Educators often know the issues for which students need some additional preparation. In my classes, I often know some of the specific issues that students are dealing with, having early on assigned papers that ask them to describe and […]

A Very Brief Intro to Dorothy Sayers

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

Where Her Whimsy Took Me: I had reduced the texts I encountered—books, poetry, films—to great mountains of useless shale, through which ran a few veins of useful ore, raw materials for my current project. My task: to excavate the ore and purify it into argument. Literature became useful. Utilitarian. Impoverished. Then I was arrested by Sayers.

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