What’s a Museum For?

Fine Arts, Social Sciences

A Museum of Us: Museums can provide a neutral, public space for reflecting on the role of religion in human experiences. Many people don’t regularly interact with those of differing religious traditions, much less visit their mosques, temples, churches, and synagogues. They rarely have the chance to see, smell, taste, and touch the elements of other […]

Stewardship of Creation

Why Conservation Is a Gospel Issue: Christians who care about conservation are still too rare a species. Peter Harris of A Rocha, the largest international Christian conservation organization, files this report from the World Conservation Congress. Many conservation professionals and scientists, particularly but not at all exclusively from the Global South, have a living Christian faith. Integrating […]

State Applies Transgender to Church

All Current Features

Massachusetts Agency Says Transgender Non-Discrimination Can Apply To Some Church Events: the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination released its Gender Identity Guidance (full text) setting out the Commission’s interpretation of the new law. The Guidance suggests that in some situations, the anti-discrimination ban can apply to churches. “Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation […]

Court Dismisses Suit Against Catholic Hospital

6th Circuit Dismisses Suit Over Catholic Bishops’ Health Care Directives: The U.S. Court of Appeals dismissed the suit against the Catholic Health Ministries by which the plaintiff claims she was inadequately treated when she prematurely went into labor at 18 weeks into her pregnancy.  The hospital, complying with the USCCB’s  Catholic health care directives, did not […]

Primetime TV and Religion

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

Where is God on the Small Screen? As important as religion is in the lives of many viewers, television has had a tentative relationship with it. NYT critics take a look at Greenleaf, how television’s congregation has expanded, and where there’s room for improvement.  TV is less a part of the student’s week than in […]

African-American Church v. Black Lives Matter

Social Sciences

Why the bedrocks of L.A.’s civil rights movements won’t embrace Black Lives Matter: Black churches in Los Angeles, and the traditional African American clergy who lead them, have kept a decided distance from the new breed of activism represented by the Black Lives Matter movement. In many ways, the division is generational. Black Lives Matter is […]

The State of a State-Sponsored Church

This Sceptic Isle: Britain is unusually irreligious, and becoming more so. That calls for a national debate, says a recent article in the Economist.  Religion in Britain may or may not be a harbinger.  Students can consider this situation, the future of Christianity, and its relation to direct or indirect assistance from the governing authorities. […]

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