American Utopianism, Past and Present


Whose Utopia Is This Anyway? — This medium-length article can introduce students to themes related to Utopian colonies of the past and present with attention to beliefs about the perfectibility of humankind,feminism, the nature of family, a biblical anthropology, and overlaps with the church. “To understand Utopian experiments—what worked for their participants and, more crucially, […]

Religious ‘Nones,’ cont.

The factors driving the growth of religious ‘nones’ in the U.S. — While it appears the U.S. is becoming less religious, some contend that’s not necessarily the case. Instead, the growth of the “nones” may simply indicate that people who are not religious are becoming more willing to say they have no religious affiliation. Do survey data support […]

Why Gov’t Religious Waivers No Longer Work

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Religious Accommodation, Religious Tradition, and Political Polarization: (one free download) What happens when a liberal democracy loses its common source or sources for its existential convictions and its raison d’tre?   The practice of religious accommodation from government agencies now generate difficulties that aggravate the political polarization they were intended to reduce. This essay focuses on […]

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