Parenting and Science Studies: Formula for Confusion

How Science Became a Weapon in the Mommy Wars: In the shifting battle lines of the mommy wars (nursing, vaccination, gender), scientific studies have become a common weapon. Discerning pseudo-science from bona fide science takes work–research isn’t as straightforward as we might hope.  Science is a messy pursuit for understanding, but learning a bit more about the […]

Ps 137: Retaining an Imprecatory Diatribe

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Why the Whole Church Needs Psalm 137, Violent Imagery and All — A review of Song of Exile: The Enduring Mystery of Psalm 137 by David W. Stowe (Oxford University Press, 2016). Part exegetical commentary, part cultural history, part personal rumination, Stowe’s book maps the experience of the psalm to the experience of Israel and, in turn, […]

The Religious Liberty Sky is Not Falling

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The Court after Scalia: Neither left nor right – The enduring principle of Free Exercise: Several judicial rulings demonstrate broad and continuing commitment to religious liberty. Despite politically contentious developments, a major purpose of both the Bill of Rights and an independent judiciary is protect certain inalienable rights against the potential excesses of democracy. Because all […]

The Utopian Moment

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The meaning of a religious ‘moment’: In this brief, to-the-point comment, Martin Marty cautions about confusing human politics and social engineering with solutions to the human condition.  The teacher might use this item as an introduction to the grand claims of political campaigns and the quasi-messianic trappings of political movements.

Black Christian Intellectuals: A Conversation

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To Be Christian, Intellectual, and Black: Religion Dispatches has been hosting a conversation prompted by an Alan Jacobs article in Harpers about the current state of Christian intellectuals in America.   This part of the discussion links to earlier entries.  Those considering cultural proficiency views on Christian campuses may be interested.

Graphic Arts, SSM, and Free Speech

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Drawing the line: Colorado artist prohibited from disagreeing with govt about marriage files suit — This “pre-enforcement challenge,” which allows citizens to challenge a law that threatens their rights before the government enforces it against them, contests Colorado’s anti-discrimination law as a constraint on religious speech.  A graphic designer who specializes in designing and creating custom websites […]

Religion and Diplomacy

Shaun Casey on Religion and Diplomacy: Critics have long charged that the US government has not done a good job in acknowledging the role of religion in foreign policy. PBS  talks with US Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs Shaun Casey about this new office in the State Department.

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