The Local Geography of Wittenberg

What endures in Wittenberg:  Despite its nearness to arms-producing factories, Wittenberg was largely spared the bombing that destroyed so many other German cities during World War II. Ordinary American Lutheran soldiers, it turns out, pleaded with their generals to go easy on the geographical source of their religion. Even for Protestants, supposedly free of saints and […]

Poetry, Prose, and the Problem of Sentimentality

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

The Sentimentality Trap: The writer, especially the Christian, is today as obligated to avoid the sentimental anti-sentimentality of the edgy as he is to avoid puppies and Pollyanna. Sentimentality offers us the dubious chance to feel while bypassing the messiness of any real human engagement: not too much feeling but too thin an experience. Sentimentality is emotional […]

Appeals Court Requires Abortion Info at Crisis Pregnancy Clinics

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Appeals court upholds California’s abortion education law: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld California’s FACT Act which requires licensed pregnancy counseling clinics to disseminate a notice on the existence of publicly-funded family planning services, including contraception and abortion.  The court affirmed denial of a preliminary injunction to three religiously-affiliated non-profits, rejecting free speech and […]

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