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Making the Case for Theology

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Ten Reasons Why Theology Matters: This hit list might be useful for those who do not teach formal theology classes but seek to help students understand how theology intersects all that we teach.  A few of the ten include  2. Because we can’t feel our way toward knowledge of God; 3. Because the Bible is […]

Salvation Army Nursing Home Must Allow Suicide

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Swiss Christian nursing home must allow assisted suicide: A court in Switzerland has ruled a Christian nursing home must allow assisted suicide for its patients or lose its tax-exempt status. The Salvation Army-run nursing home in the Canton of Neuchatel contested a recent law requiring charitable institutions to permit assisted suicide for patients who request to end […]

Law Suit Discovery Demand for Pastor’s Sermons

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Discovery Demand For Pastor’s Sermons Generates Controversy:  Eric Walsh, a doctor and public health expert, filed a religious discrimination suit against the Georgia Department of Public Health alleging that his termination shortly after he was hired was based on the content of sermons he had given as a Seventh Day Adventist lay minister. Now the […]

Guide to Religious Rights For the Professional Artist

Create Freely: The ADF legal society has published this guide for artists, musicians, designers, artisans, and other creative professionals who seek guidance on managing the current tension between religious liberty and some forms of civil rights activism.  See its p. 22 for “Five Practical Steps” every creative artist can take to protect themselves.

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