Luther’s Earthy Language on Teaching the Church

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“Who’s Your Teacher?”  is an essay on our sacred duty to teach the devil to death and begins this way: “Martin Luther’s prescription for pastors and preachers (including himself) who neglect the catechetical training of their congregation was characteristically colorful and coarse: ‘we deserve not only to be given no food to eat, but also […]

Getting Closer to God Through Athletics

In his article, “Sporting Transcendence,” Richard Mouw explores the themes in athletics of competition, transcendence, felllowship, and community.  This brief essay may serve to induct students into the multifaceted experiences of human nature for players, teams, observers, fans, and the larger culture.  Mouw also links to an article by Martin Siegel in America titled, “Good Sports: Getting Closer […]

Protestants and Pope: Antichrist No More?

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Pope Francis is boosting the reputation of the Catholic Church among Protestant pastors in America.  As church and culture relations continue to change, nearly 4 in 10 say the pope, known for his humility and concern for the poor, has had a positive impact on their opinions of the Catholic Church, LifeWay Research finds. Almost […]

Ministerial Exception, Defamation, and the PCUSA

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A Tennessee judge has ruled against a PCUSA minister, Rev. Roger Dermody, in his defamation case when a Presbyterian Mission Agency Board internal investigation found that four PCUSA employees had participated in the creation of an unauthorized mission work plan.  Dermody filed a lawsuit against PCUSA, accusing the denomination of defamation.    In its defense, the church specifically […]

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