Advertising, Marketing, and Theology

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This essay, “Hope in a Jar,” asks, Why would a brand see theological language as rich ground for advertising? Perhaps because theology and advertising share the same root: desire.  Theology is mediated to us through our everyday encounters with consumer products. The theological is right there in the everyday, staring at us in the labels on […]

Christian Hackathon Is Reprogramming the Church

Welcome to the first global Christian hackathon, where programmers speak of transformational love and pastors wield code. In 13 cities, 800 Christian coders, developers, programmers, designers, pastors, and artists gathered together for a 48-hour simultaneous hackathon. They scripted, designed, collaborated, and competed to develop new apps and websites for global and local adherents to the […]

The Secular: Three Possibilities

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In his essay, “Ghosts in the Secular Age,” Ross Douthat proposes three variations for the future of secularism: 1) one worldview among many; 2) a buffered, perceptually closed mindset; 3) the privatization of the spiritual.  The article can be used in courses in modern history, philosophy, sociology, church and society, world religions, psychology, and systematic […]

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