Christians and the Transgender Phenomenon

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This exemplary discourse between two thoughtful and informed Christian scholars serves as a model for students in how to engage in constructive exchange about a vexing culture shift, in this case the topics of transgender, gender dysphoria, and gender identity.  Linked first here is Robert Gagnon’s response article as a fast way to understand the […]

The Ethics of Vaccinations

This article on “Life After Death” considers whether it is ethical to use vaccines that save millions of lives but are derived from the tissue of aborted children.  Some pro-life advocates “have a deep aversion” to using vaccines that may contain “the remains of an aborted child,” says Debi Vinnedge, founder of Children of God for […]

The Exodus as an Example of the Academic Culture Wars

“Was There an Exodus?” is a very readable essay series in Mosaic that examines the long-standing debate about whether the Exodus actually occurred.  Not just for Biblical studies, the themes can apply to the social sciences, history, the sciences, and any class that accesses the past to understand the present.  This exchange can help students […]

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