The Imago Dei and Human Nature

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From Issues In Christian Education, Fall 2015: Christians make ready reference to the image of God.  But what should we mean by this expression and to what does it refer?  In a time of culture shift and debate about identity, the sources of the self, and the nature of being human, this edition of Issues provides […]

Religious Arbitration Clauses and the Two Kingdoms

In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law:  For generations, religious tribunals have been used in the United States to settle family disputes and spiritual debates. But through arbitration, religion is being used to sort out secular problems like claims of financial fraud and wrongful death.  This investigative piece examines cases in which the courts […]

Human-animal Stem Cell Chimeras

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Human-animal Chimeras: Stanford Scientists Condemn Funding Ban — The NIH has put a moratorium on stem cell and embryo research which strives to grow human organs in animals, called “chimeras.”  Proponents say this could lead to an endless supply of organs for transplantation and improved drug testing, but opponents say it poses ethical and animal welfare […]

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