Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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Where is the Muslim peace movement?  Richard Ostling has been writing on religious issues for Christianity Today, Time Magazine, and other sources for many years.  This Q&A provides a brief but informed discussion about Islam, jihadism, and differences among Muslims: if Islam is a peace-loving religion where are the Muslim voices for peace? The article […]

Two Kingdoms: A Mormon View

Explaining Mormons and Their Idiosyncratic View of Religious Liberty offers an interpretation of what some commentators see as an inconsistency in Mormon social policy.  Rather than dreaming of imposing ideas on society as a whole, the LDS offer the wider polity a tradeoff: we will support established authority and recognize its right to enforce the law […]

Science for Seminaries

The Science for Seminaries project assists professors and scientists to enable faith leaders to engage with science throughout their ministries.  The 10 schools participating in the science for seminaries project include Catholics, evangelical/conservative Protestants and mainline Protestants. “The goal is for schools to present science fairly and accurately, not to ensure that future pastors side with […]

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