The Optimistic Martian

“Is There Prayer on Mars?” is an essay on Andy Weir’s book, The Martian, that considers the positivist worldview of the book (and perhaps the movie).  Students can consider this example as a representation of an outlook distinctly different from the sort of narrative that would be informed by the Bible.  There is no traditional religious significance in […]

Allan Carlson on Moral Revival

Researcher, author, and professor Allan Carlson maintains that the U.S. culture never stays in a moral morass for more than a few generations.  He cites four distinct periods of family strength and renewal and four distinct periods of family decline since 1630. “There’s going to be another renewal because we human beings—not just we Americans, but […]

Christianity in America: Declining or Not Really?

The Institute of Religious Studies at Baylor University, hosted by The National Press Club, examines the statistics and survey reports about religion in the U.S. and what some critics are calling “the secularization myth.” Although surveys have found a decline in membership for Mainline denominations, many actually changed to other denominations from which they grew up in.  Yet […]

School Transgender Restrooms

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From the NYT, “As Transgender Students Make Gains, Schools Hesitate at Bathrooms,” and from the ADF, “The Pressure to Unlock Restroom Doors” — these two pieces will assist with an assessment of the issue and different perspectives on this example of the culture shifts.

Asylum for Women and Children: Lutheran Imm & Ref Service or Geo Detention?

The Geo Grooup, Inc., a private prison and detention business, has been hired by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold Central American immigrant families seeking asylum. The work involves electronic monitoring, explaining immigrants’ legal rights and the asylum process, and helping enroll their kids in school. This role traditionally has been filled by […]

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