Student Publications on the Two Kingdoms

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Young Adult Ambassador Essays: (The download takes about 30 sec., click to open about 2 min.) Four students have been published by the Free to be Faithful initiative in essays addressing religious liberty and themes related to the two kingdoms.  The writers include Isaiah Armbrecht (Concordia University, Nebraska), Bethany Glock (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) , […]

Paris — Is It Time to Eradicate Religion?

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Miroslav Volf at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture: In a globalized world, the terror of God’s crazy-eyed followers is threatening lives, peace and prosperity of everyone on the planet. We are tempted to conclude: The sooner that humanity either eradicates or quarantines off religion, the better our world will be. This conclusion would […]

Dante as the Reading Cure

In “The Reading Cure,” Gabe Haley asks, “How can a seven-hundred-year-old poem have such a profound effect on a twenty-first-century reader?” Dante’s Divine Comedy is, among other things, a work of speculative fiction.  Because Dante’s vision of the future is of the afterlife, its present conditions have the potential to encompass times outside of Dante’s […]

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